Recent Before & After Photos

Repaired property.

After 7 breaks to a sprinkler line above, the repairs have been dramatic!

Water Loss and Mold Remediation in a Business in Milton, MA.

This realty office in Milton, MA had a water loss due to a leaking pipe that went unnoticed long enough to create mold growth that spread all throughout the off... READ MORE

Commercial Water Damage

The before photo shows wet carpet from a water heater that burst at a Museum in the North Shore. It ran undiscovered for approximately an hour and a half. Lucki... READ MORE

We have experience, and Work Methodically for YOU!

Not many of our customers are prepared for a water emergency in their home. We have the experience to handle your water emergency! We know not only what to do... READ MORE

Imagine your entire home being stripped down to bare bones?

During the early part of 2018 on the North Shore, we saw many entire houses with much damage done due to frozen pipes. SERVPRO of Beverly/Cape Ann helped many. ... READ MORE

North Shore Storm Damage Like You Would Not Believe

Beginning in January 2018, and ending in June (just a little exaggeration!) our team saw damage like no other year in our Beverly, Hamilton, Wenham, Essex, Manc... READ MORE

SERVPRO of Beverly/Cape Ann Cleans Carpets Throughout Beverly,Gloucester,Rockport,Wenham, and Essex!

SERVPRO of Beverly/Cape Ann can do miraculous things with aging carpet. Our truck mount heated tanks give us the hot water needed to take care of business! An... READ MORE

We Do It ALL, Even Tennis Courts

In our area of New England, our weather often makes Spring Sports a RISKY proposition! Athletic Director's need to set Game Schedules in advance of Mother Natu... READ MORE

Latest Technology Used in South Hamilton Home

SERVPRO of Beverly/Cape Ann uses technology in the form of thermal imaging cameras, and moisture meters to take before readings, in process readings and after r... READ MORE

Water Damage to a Home in Beverly, MA

This family’s Beverly residence experienced serious water damage after a pipe broke. SERVPRO of Beverly/Cape Ann has the expertise and equipment to mitiga... READ MORE